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11/14/2008 14:55:08
by Herbert

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Clarification/Update to "Concerned". Herbert West 3rd, www.MiamiCountyOpinion.com

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To: Concerned. I was not aware the Nov 15th ride was for "Cops for Tots". I recieved clarification that, it was for/is for, "Cops for Tots". I have left the site on my Internet Site for the "Blue Knights" up. I dont agree with the administration and politics of "Cops for Tots" and will not be attending the event. I will be giving any and all toy donations to the "Toys for Tots" Marine Corps Drive instead. I dont want to re-hash my opinions of Kelly or his "Cops for Tots" program. Just too clarify, ""I WILL NOT AFFILIATE WITH THE MIAMI COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT OR THE ""COPS FOR TOTS""" FUNCTIONS""!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, www.MiamiCountyOpinion.com


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