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11/15/2008 09:24:38
by Herbert

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Noone walks into a Highschool and asks around to speak with an alleged student, dumbass! You must be a teenager who still goes to school? You seem to think like one. Even if she ends up being a highschool girl, why is she drinking with a Louisburg Cop who's daddy is the County Sheriff??? She would be a minor. This way she doesnt have to come forward. This way noone knows 100% who she is. And again, Sheriff Kelly is 100% confident with -100% information and -100% confirmation. FOX4 is upset because I opened my Internet News Site and exposed the corruption that Kelly does. They said "its not news worthy". They know I will let people contact me and I will publish their opinions within my verbage guidelines. I dont understand where you missed that explination in the publications. FOX4 also felt a threat to my life as a Candidate for Sheriff was "not news worthy". Yea, FOX4 takes bribes and censorships the news for personal financial gain. I spoke with Mr. Beckford, and I am leaving the picture up. Sheriff Kelly is repeatedly allowed to have no info when he justifies dropping cases in this county. He keeps stating, "We dont have a clue at all who they are but we are 100% positive who they are not without confirmation, and I.D. or any contact at all with anyone"!!! And you call me a joke? Go figure, how are you involved in this and what are you trying too cover up? Herbert West 3rd, www.MiamiCountyOpinion.com


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