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11/17/2008 00:26:39

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Well MICO...

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I'd rather be Herbert than you guys on here who don't stand for anything..just bashing HWIII. I am one of the first ones to have criticized West...just look at my post 1875 (http://wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=1875). He was actually the reason I posted anything on here after reading his comments for months. Yes he is a bit out there, has kind of poor spelling and really shouldn't curse potential voters, but he always seems to back what he says and he never takes down his posts. I like knowing where people stand! Trust me, I am not Herbert, don't know Herbert and have NEVER been to Kansas. I live in Illinois. And, btw, NONE of us are perfect, though we try to hide who we REALLY are and not show our true side. West lets it all hang out.


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