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11/27/2008 13:38:28
by WeN2K Charities

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Mumbai Fund (Donate Just 99!)

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The terrorist attacks that have taken place in Mumbai, India are deplorable and stretch to the souls of us all worldwide! To think that the best of their police and so many innocent citizens only seeking to enjoy their life and time in India have met this fate is beyond unthinkable. We are so sorry for their families, their communities, their children and mostly for the victims themselves. Innocent lives swept away for NO REASON!

WeN2K is starting this fund for the benefit of the families who are suffering (currently 11:00AM, November 27th EST USA - with an estimated 100 individuals killed and three times that suffering) in Mumbai. At this point we know that there are victims from around the world and this fund is for them as well. The native people of Mumbai struck by this tragedy as well as the families of those visiting (wherever they may be in the world) are this fund's focus.

WeN2K.com will direct ALL* donated money to those (victims, victims' families, local hospitals, etc.) directly affected by this tragic event...and most in need. We will make sure every penny* we receive from your donation is directed to this "Mumbai fund" and will continually post significant updates on funds collected and funds distributed. We will also continually welcome any input or news from WeN2K/Fee2See members and viewers.

If you have direct knowledge of ANYONE directly affected by this tragedy (and in need of ANY emergency assistance) PLEASE contact us at mumbaifund@wen2k.com. If you are from Mumbai and you know of a local group in need PLEASE contact us at mumbaifund@wen2k.com.

Mumbai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world - home to the richest men on earth, but there is still poverty as in ANY industrial society. Why? WeN2K humbly compels the fortunate people of Mumbai to help as we compel everyone blessed to have wealth to continually help your needing communities! As we all know - there is more than enough to go around.

*ALL funds collected by WeN2K (through the Fee2See service) for ANY charitable causes initiated by WeN2K will receive 100% of ALL money collected (free from ANY processing fees/expense from WeN2K). You are giving and WeN2K is gladly giving DIRECTLY to those in need!

Do we really need people in trouble to prove anything to us before we simply help (food, water, shelter, medication)?

Thank You for helping us help the victims of the Mumbai attacks with your 99-cent donation!

WeN2K Charities

Donate Just 99 To the Mumbai Fund NOW!

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Thank You!


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