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12/30/2008 03:45:10

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Why is it???

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...that 'Mike Hunt', '10 Minute', 'Don't really give a crap, but' and a couple of others ALWAYS post within minutes of each other??? Well, either they are ALL the same person or little pen pals, ha ha!! My guess is that hey are the same person.

And, AGAIN, I am not Herbert West, nor do I know him, but I really don't care if you think I am. The fact is I was one of the first people on this website to criticize him (before all the goofballs came out of the woodwork). I come to this site a few times a week to look at the news streams and I get a kick out of making comments sometimes when I see you guys comment on West. Simple as that!

Anyway, happy new year to everybody and it's time we ALL grew up a bit. Seems like some bad times are coming for some so let's be thankful for what we have...



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