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2/10/2009 17:01:11
by Herbert

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Too: dktsanan or who ever your stupid ass is. Your a fuckin fool! Anyone can read the member lists at blueknights.org Go to the member/Chapter section. Click on find a Chapter Link. Click on the Kansas Chapter Link/link's. The Ober's are not listed, dumbass. And yea, I e-mail US Attorney's all the time. I have not been requested by them, their desire for me to remove them from my mailing list, asshole. Yea I e-mail the media. Again, they have not requested I remove them from my mailing list. I told Leslie and I am telling you, "I will not censor my newsletter". I will not remove any info. People can read it and facilitate an opinion of their own. Fuck off and good day, bitch!!!!!!!!!!


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