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2/10/2009 21:39:39
by dktsnana

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Herb as usual you are a foul mouthed freak

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Okay little man, I am sure that is literal, first of all it is you who is an idiot! Why yes The Ober's are listed on the Blue Knights website, I guess you are too retarded too find it. If you look under the Kansas chapters they are the one in Spring Hill, KS. Wow you are obviously not as smart as you think you are. Oh but that is nothing shocking is it?
And so again you are proven an immature freak. You spout off about shit you have no knowledge of. Again Herb, why don't you just admit defeat. You are ignorant, you don't know what you are doing and obviously you don't know how to research things before you run off at the mouth.
I can tell you I sure don't blame Leslie Ober for wanting her name off your website. For God's sake who would want to be affiliated with the likes of you.
You should watch who you spout off calling liars, Butters, Sgt Ober, Leslie Ober. Do you even know these people? I would bet my last dollar that the answer to that is no you have never personally met them. Oh you may have called them or talked to them on a phone or something but I would venture to say you don't know a thing about them.
Leave people alone Herb, go about your fantasy world of you huffing in the Gov's mansion. I can see it, in living techna color! WOW man that's far out huh? LOL
Herb you should know that calling a woman a bitch is a real compliment, thank you very much because I would have to agree wity you 100% I am a Beautiful, Intelligent, Tantalizing, Confident, Hottie!!! You have finally spoken the truth!
Okay now waddle back to your shack and stop and get some gas so you can sit up all night and figure out who you are going to harrass now. Oh I am sure there is a Police Officer out there that is looking for you or someone emailed a threat to you that what they are going to take you gas can away? They couldn't send you a threat that they would want to whip your ass, that would be cruelty to animals wouldn't it and I believe that is against the law.


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