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2/22/2009 00:44:17
by MyChoice

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And still it goes on

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I am still not sure what your tirades are implying Herbert. Bringing up the fact that you were (and I have a tough time believing this) a Paramedic is pointless. I myself worked in the EMS field for a numer of years and saw the worst and the best in people,but this is a select section of the population and has no bearing on the mass of the population. We here have yet to be shown any hard evidence that any monies have been laundered ( as you have accused) though these charitable oganizations. I am not sure who it is you are trying to convince here, other than yourself. This is classic delusional thinking. If you can't manage to back up your claims, please quiet yourself. Your insescurity shows in the way you seem to need to trash everyone and everything, I can't figure out if you just feel you need the attention or just looking for some warped sense of sympathy to coddle in. If you insist on pushing people to thier limits with improvable (and extreamly false) accusations you are eventually going to end up getting yourself into more trouble than you can handle. Why is it impossible for you to let go and let live? As I stressed before, please find help for your, at this point, clearly obvious mental disorder. To all those that have been wronged by this man's distorted and mean finger pointing, you have my full sympathy, do whatever it is within your means to have this disturbed citizen back in his place.


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