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2/22/2009 03:55:17
by who cares

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Retarded Paramedics in MICO

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Hey fatass, 1 how whould you fit in the back of an ambulance... let alone still have room to work on a patient. I have talked to many EMS personal and all I have ever heard is that you did ride alongs (not a paid position), you were a wanna be and never were you employed as a (EMT) let alone a Paramedic.... so as you want everyone else to do prove it.... Then again they could be lying the embarassment of you working for them and all.....so you need to prove it

the only proof I will except is a news artical (showing you in that compacity), a scanned copy of your paramedic / or RN licence (even if expired), paycheck stub (of coarse black out the ssn and stuff), or even a diploma from you para training, remember paramedic is different than EMT. If you cannot provide any of these document, well then you sir are a liar. I will not call anyone either, it is up to you to prove it....just as you are doing to the Obers and the bike club. If you do not post that information it will prove you are a disceditable fat fuck.... which we all know anyway. Oh and records of you working in the ICU as well....

Oh and prove some way that you worked there for "years" which I know would never happen..... I doubt you ever had a job for more that 8 months at a time... so prove that to while your at it.


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