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2/22/2009 07:21:44
by Herbert

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My stepfather is David Poore, retired Homicide Detective out of Springhill and Overland park Ks. The Kansas Board of EMS in Topeka can confirm my Paramedic Stat's. An audit can prove the laundering of fund's. A supeana on wen2k.com can confirm who paolaknowsme is except Kelly and Miller refuse to sign the supeana. This also stop's the right for my filing on them for Obstruction. They both refuse investigation's and can not back up why. They both are allowed to hide as coward's behind Legislation that demand's we bow to the Sheriff and the County Attorney. As too the flood. A survey was done too see what damage and amount of overflow the land around the river basin could handle. What amouint of extra water the area could tolerate when they opened the upper channel up. They did manuvered the land purchases around this information. They also had the inside tract on tjhe 150 flood study. They refused to account these factor's in and waited to release the water until we had heavy rain's. In this they can declare an "Act of God". The study included with or without extra water do too rain, water table level's, crop use, dehydration, lower basin flow use etc:.. This is a form of "Land Hoarding". They was warned from the get go, that the Damage in the Hurricane Katrina Zone was not fixed enough to handle the extra amount of water as a lowest basin. Again, they said FUCK Katrina. The 150 flood plan was too expire in about 50 years. This would greatly increase the value of the properties owned by those families. Again, each family own's a multitude of acerage. The county wants to steal the land and annex it and fragment it into multiple family dwelling communitie's.Ask Greensburg. 2 year's and they finally get a grocery store. It is all political. All they want is a roof over their head. Yet they are being forced to follow green peace standard's and be political puppet's. No the Tornado was not induced, but they sure ate more shit after the fact. Compare it to healhcare. We get sick and we are denied healthcare. We pay in and we are told to fuck off. Lt Governor Parkinson made $30,000,000.00 off of nursinghome's. 90% of the Legislature's have invested and have profited off of healthcare and investment's. This has to stop. Again, the Lt. Governor of Kansas who make's less than $70,000.00 a year in a paycheck cleared $30,000,000.00 in Nursing Homes here. The Wichita Eagle reports, Raj Goyle a Representative sell's 40% of the healthcare supplie's to Hospitals, Nursinghomes and Doctor's Office's. Also, name one of the Senator's or Representaive's in Topeka that own businesses that feel the same crunch as other business owners in Kansas. They all seem to be doing fine. They don't worry about bill's or healthcare. They don't worry about their familie's education. They don' t seem to have any of the same problem's we face. Again I could go on and on. People just refuse too look into problem's. I want to reverse and fix this. How, alot of people don't feel that the effort is worth putting forth do to the current system will steal it anyway's. So they live under the radar. I want to give them a voice. This is the number one reason I am running for Governor. Remember, I got 1/3 of the vote's for Sheriff with no experience. People belived in change, backbone and commonitity. They wanted to keep their land's and value's. They were and are tired of being bullied. I feel the majority of the State Citizen's feel the same way. As Governor I can revers any and all the bullshit. I can reverse any and all theft's and corruption. I can be the people's voice. Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Exploratory Campaign Candidate for a 2010 Bid for Kansas Governor. www.MiamiCountyOpinion.com


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