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2/22/2009 07:44:30
by Don't really give a crap, but

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You didn't answer my question

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You said -- "As too the flood. A survey was done too see what damage and amount of overflow the land around the river basin could handle. What amouint of extra water the area could tolerate when they opened the upper channel up. They did manuvered the land purchases around this information. They also had the inside tract on tjhe 150 flood study. They refused to account these factor's in and waited to release the water until we had heavy rain's. In this they can declare an "Act of God". The study included with or without extra water do too rain, water table level's, crop use, dehydration, lower basin flow use etc:.. This is a form of "Land Hoarding". They was warned from the get go, that the Damage in the Hurricane Katrina Zone was not fixed enough to handle the extra amount of water as a lowest basin. Again, they said FUCK Katrina. The 150 flood plan was too expire in about 50 years. This would greatly increase the value of the properties owned by those families. Again, each family own's a multitude of acerage. The county wants to steal the land and annex it and fragment it into multiple family dwelling communitie's."

But what does that have to do with Jim Mitzner, Corps of Engineers, and Judge Shultz?


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