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2/22/2009 11:32:56
by who cares

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More Proof Herbie is a LIAR

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I got an email forwarded to me last night about the shutdown of his original bikers page. Hold on to your hats this is good. I'm sure everyone remembers that Herbie said he took that page down voluntaraly... well this was a responce that the complaintant got from Homestead in an email:

>> Hello,
>> As a passive conduit, we cannot monitor user websites, but we respond to
>> breaches of our user agreement when we learn of such behavior.
>> We have informed the user to remove Robert and Leslie Ober's personal
>> information as well as links to the 'www.bkks8.org' site and alleged
>> defamatory content regarding 'www.bkks8.org' by 6pm Pacific Standard Time
>> on Thursday February 19, 2009.
>> Regards
>> Homestead Compliance Team

So if was voluntary why would they give you a date to have it done by...lmao Again, proven LIAR They could of violated you and suspended your account if you had not done it... hmmmm

Also the booking and jail time for herbie I listed before is at http://www3.wycokck.org/dept.aspx?id=990&menu_id=1026&banner=15284 select booking, then enter herbert west (be sure to select the include releasesed box) and joy you can see this shithead... for the crimes I had to call the WYCO dept. sorry I could not find a direct link....

anyone with PROOF of herbies lies please email them to Herbie-on-review@live.com A friend of mine is still kicking the idea of a counter webpage to his


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