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3/29/2009 15:01:21
by MICO Citizen

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Dumb Dumb is back tracking now

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Look dumb dumb, you said yourself that you have been seen by 25 doctors in three states. You said that because your intent was to have us believe that all 25 doctors have said you have some condition that prevent your fat ass from working. Thus enableing you to steal from the government. Now, because your fatass is scared, is saying you didn't mean that. Too late dumb dumb, its on record that you have doctor shopped.

I also intend to show Social Security the pictures I have of you on ladders, working around the yard and othe evidence of you faking a disability. Like I said, good luck with your investigation, trial and don't forget, when they bend you over in prison, the best thing to do is relax and take it like a man. Never forget, blood is a lubricant.


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