Quantcast WeN2K.com/M.O.C.S.A. feeds on Rape and Sexual Assault.

4/23/2009 22:39:11
by hlw3rd

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M.O.C.S.A. feeds on Rape and Sexual Assault.

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I filed complaints with M.O.C.S.A. in Miami County and they refused to follow through. Here at www.wen2k.com I have been Sexualy Harrassed and M.O.C.S.A. finds it amusing. They are at 1-913-259-9382 or pbendick@mocsa.org K.C.S.D.V., Kansas Coalition against Sexual and Domestic Violence, also refuses to intervene. They are at 1-785-232-9784. They stated, "I as a victim am not a part of their coalition". I quess only coalition members get help when Sexualy Assaulted and Raped!!! Patty Bendick only wants Stats, for United Way Funds! She refuses to follow through on complaints. I am removing M.O.C.S.A. and K.C.S.D.V. from my eligibility list for my "Not for Profit Restaurant. I called Herb Callison at the Kansas Not for Profit Association, at 1-785-266-6422 or knpa@mainstreaminc.net and am awaiting a call back to set up my Organization. I, again, was Sexually Assaulted at the Wyandotte Jail by a Deputy and they covered it up. I have been Verbally Sexually Harrassed here at wen2k.com and Patty condones it. The United Way is ran by Peggy Ball. She is Mike Hunts aunt. I have gone over all this before. Please be aware that if your Sexually Assaulted or Raped in Miami County, you wont get assistance. Patty is busy kissing Sheriff Kelly's ass!!!!!!!!!! Herbert West 3rd, {D}, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com


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