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4/28/2009 01:00:23
by cryslee74

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What REALLY Happened To Leslie & Bob Ober in the Motorcycle Accident Last Year

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To Those People Who Seem To Feel The Need To Be All Up In Other People's Business:

1.) Get a life...please don't feel the need to question everyone else's.
2.) I am Crystal Wyers, daughter of Leslies & Bob Ober, Deputy Sheriff for the Galveston County Sheriff's Office in Galveston County, Texas, AND the other party in the accident that everyone seemed to be so interested in. I came across these posts while I was Googling my husband's name just because. My Mom & Dad trailered their bike all the way down here for my wedding (800 miles), which was on June 13th, 2008. The day was beautiful (although a little humid, but then it ALWAYS is down here), my friends lined their bikes up on 2 sides to make an "aisle", and my Dad took me down the aisle on HIS bike while a version of me singing "Wanted Dead or Alive" played on his CD player. Jeff & I took our vows under a gorgeous oak tree from a good friend of mine, Judge Mike Nelson. Afterward, Jeff and I rode back down the aisle on his bike, and our friends and family followed us to the hall for one heck of a reception. Everything was motorcycle themed, pot luck supper, and plenty of fun!
The next day at approximately 2:15 pm, my husband emailed his supervisor his intent to retire, and we got on our bikes with Mom & Dad to drive to Galveston and meet DJ Alvarez for lunch so he could help Mom & Dad with the startup of the Kansas VIII Blue Knights. We turned onto Hwy 146 South...we had gone not even a block...I had looked behind us to check on Mom & Dad (as I do with anyone who rode along with us) when I heard Jeff yell "Hold on tight!). I looked and all I saw was an SUV coming onto the highway from a stop sign...it all happened SO fast...Jeff tried to go around the front of the vehicle, and if the guy had seen us and hit his brakes at all we probably would've made it, but he didn't. The vehicle impacted our bike---best guess is right where I was sitting because it snapped my right leg clean in two. Jeff and I were thrown from the bike--Jeff landed on Hwy 146 and was instantly killed; I flew partway down a side street. Mom & Dad were right behind us in all of this so they swerved around the back of the truck--a bystander told me later that he did not know how they did not hit. Of course, I can't tell you I saw it with my own eyes because at this point I'm face down in the dirt probably 100+ feet from where I started. Neither of us was wearing a helmet, so I'm very fortunate, although doctors said a helmet would not have saved Jeff either. I suffered a compound fracture of the tibia & fibula in my right leg (that means it went through the skin for those who might not understand), a broken right ankle, a broken right foot (I hope you can see at this point why I figure that's where the SUV hit), 3 broken right ribs, a punctured lung, a burst fracture of L1 in my back, and a bruised pelvis where my crotch took off Jeff's backrest as I left the motorcycle.
Now, please understand that my parents witnessed ALL of this...my Mom later told me that she closed her eyes when she saw us about to be hit, but that when she opened them all she saw was me flying through the air like a rag doll. Mom went to Jeff first because he was closest to them when they came to a stop--she saw that he was gone, but could not bring herself to go to me because she thought I was too. A nurse witnessed the wreck and had come to my assistance though. I can only imagine what was going through my mother's mind until she saw me move. I woke up (yes, at the scene) and was trying to get up. All I could think about was my kids and the fact that I couldn't breathe, but I wanted to get up. (I can be a little stubborn--if you know my folks you understand where it comes from). I was conscious enough (DON'T ASK ME HOW) to keep giving the officer (whom I later found out was a friend of mine) my best friend's phone number and to tell her to get my kids. Somehow I knew Jeff was gone before I got to the hospital, but nobody would confirm it until I woke up in the ICU after my first surgery. Galveston PD put my folks up in Galveston so that they could be with me. I spent 7 days in the ICU, another 21 in the hospital and then ANOTHER 18 in a rehab facility. Mom flew back down and spent 6 weeks with me so that I could come home because I was still in a cast and a backbrace. I had 2 rods and 8 screws put in my back, a rod and 6 screws in my leg and a plate and 2 screws in my ankle. I had 5 surgeries on my leg ALONE to put it back together because I ended up with dead tissue and a boatload of skin grafts.
I finally came out of the backbrace in December and just went back to work for the Sheriff on March 26th. My parents have been my rock through all of this...please don't EVER question what they went through on the day because you WEREN'T there--I pray none of you EVER has to go through what they went through. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to make sure and set the record straight--and if those who question the truthfullness of it all had any intelligence whatsoever they would do a little research themselves to verify before starting the mudslinging---it's all public knowledge and record down here.

Thanks for reading this--hope it clears things up. For those of you still curious, I'm attaching a photo taken by a witness with his cell phone of the accident scene--we are still lying in the roadway. I figure that will satisfy your morbid curiosities. Leave my parents alone.

Crystal Wyers


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