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4/28/2009 07:38:44
by hlw3rd

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Typical games and corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Games people play. Sheriff Ash joined the corrupt www.bkks8.org . You, again, can view the news footage at www.khou.com and see the truth of the Sgt. Wyers crash. Do a yahoo or google search on Sgt. Wyers name. I had tried to file when I was Sexually Assaulted by a Deputy in the Wyandotte County Jail. Randal Henderson, Walter Dobbs and Tamara Jefferies refused the complaint and refused an investigation. They had since been removed. So I went to file again. Then Detective Stacey Sisk refused. She is the I.A. at the WYCO Jail. I then contacted Donald Ash during the primary. He seemed sincere. He then made Sheriff and turned out to be, a "Asshole"!!!! He is refusing to allow me to file a complaint. They want me to go through the whole ordeal again and they want to sabatoge my statis as a Candidate for Governor. Well here goes, Yes, I was in jail for a year on a misdemeanor. I was illegaly removed from the YMCA after they got a huge HUD Grant and Jerry Gorman and his Lawyer, Denise Tomasic laundered the money into Missouri. I exposed this and they set me up. He is also a Corporal with the Department of Defense. He had thrown pictures of my toddler son under the bridge where I was living homeless and threatened his safety. I shot my mouth off ib self defense and got a year in jail. I was protesting his becoming the DA at the time, do to his corruption. While in the jail I was Sexually Assaulted by a Homosexual Deputy. He fondled me during a Cell/Pod search and I complained. They feel it is a joke. They feel they have the right to rape anyone who is arrested. I feel they are full of shit!! Sheriff Ash is currently refusing me "Due Process". What to do, "Remove him"!! Do a "Call Back Petition" do to his Non-Disclosure" that he is "Pro-Public Detrement". He did not disclose he condones the rape and abuse of detainee's. What if you get arrested for a short stay? What if you are abused or assaulted? Where is it allowed, by Law, for them to rape and assault, yet we are not allowed? What gives them the right to break the Law? The common thread is money. Wyandotte, Miami, Johnson, Douglas and Leavonworth Counties move the City County Government Bonds out of State and Launder Money. They steal our tax base. AG Six was appointed out of Douglas County to cover this up. Gorman launders money. So does Sheriff Kelly and DA Miller. Sheriff Ash can be removed with a "Call Back Petition" do to a lack of public trust!!! Demand a "Call Back". Get electors to facilitate a petition and file. If they refuse, file suit on your County Government! Demand your rights! Oh yea, "The Call" doesnt have Kansas reporters anymore and "The Kansas City Kansan" refused to run the story or look into the assault. M.O.C.S.A. also refused, they did not want to lose their United Way Funding. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Governor, Kansas 2010. west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com


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