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4/28/2009 08:32:14
by hellsfury

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how dare you...how DARE you, herbert west-get on here and blather about some alleged sexual abuse done to you what, HOW long ago, immediately after this courageous young woman tells what happened to her beloved husband shortly after their marriage? how can you do this herbert? you sir apparently are MUCH sicker than i'd initially thought. sicker in the head. and you have the audacity to also blather on&on about running for GOVERNOR, opening some restaurant that serves for charity, etc? printing recipes that if presented to a starving dog, the dog would likely sniff, retch, then leave without touching? herbert it is NOT all about you-in fact, the more you type, the less you become in anyone's eyes who reads you. for the love of God, just shut up. resist the urge to post your nonsense. or do you enjoy trying to meddle with people's lives? do you enjoy making a mockery out of their own personal tragedy, of which you have NO firsthand knowledge? you sir must have absolutely zero conscience. and i have to say-STFU. i know that won't do any good at all, but i have to say it. you just don't seem to realize what a fool you've made of yourself; in the beginning when you started posting all this bull, it was mildly amusing; then in your "bid" for sheriff, reading your drivel was hysterical, because one could immediately see what a nonsensical idea putting YOU in a public office would be; now, you're just beyond pathetic. you've been seen at the local wal mart dressed like a bum; raggedy old flannel type shirt that half the bottom has worn away, smelly nasty and looking as though you never bathe. and you want to be governor. ick. people with less than you have somehow manage to keep themselves clean and presentable-you don't even bother to do that. and you want to hold a public office. ugh.

crystal thank you for taking the time to write your factual account of the day of your tragic loss. know that so many people have you and your family in prayer and that our hearts simply break alongside yours, in a much less fashion though, because of your loss. so many of us can never ever know the depth of sorrow you've experienced, and i admire you greatly for your perseverance. God is truly with you, even in times that you may think otherwise. i will continue to hold you in prayer. keep on keepin' on, girl, and know how loved you are.


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