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4/28/2009 11:05:29
by who cares

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hey dum dum

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Well I have no posted for a while, seems you were busy arguing with EMS to post here. Guess you lost there and came back here with your tail between your legs, lmao

1. I am glad you finally admitted you can work, running a business. As you said you would cook for everyone. Well guess what fatass McDonalds is hiring, go apply. There is no difference in working there you will still be cooking, which you said you are capable of doing. The hard part is even they have hygene requirements. So talk a shower first please.

2. Crystal I am sorry about your loss, please dont let this moron get you going. So dum dum the news is always right? They mispoke, Crystal was there in the accident and the reporters were not. If that is what you think is right, the reporters always speaking the truth, then we will have to believe all our local papers about your EMS issue and the fact your a moron.

3. Sheriff Ash is not a member of www.bkks8.org. He is not listed in the member roster. The wyco patch problably means there are wyco deputies in there group. So where did you see Ash's name on thier website. BTW you cannot rape the willing, if you wanted the deputy to touch you and you had fantisies that you think are real, as you are having. Then it means two things: 1. your gay 2. that your delusions are powerful enough you need to commit yourself to OSH


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