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5/21/2009 21:39:33
by hlw3rd

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How am I going to work for every Sheriff and Under-Sheriff in all 50 State's in the United State's of America????

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Simple!!! I have designed many aspects for a "Not-For-Profit Organization". It will own "Fundraiser Businesses". All the proceeds or money's collected that are above and beyond the businesses expence's will go to a general N.F.P. Fund. These businesses will be owned by every Sheriff and Under-Sheriff in all 50 State's. They will each get 1 vote as Sheriff and 1 vote as Under-Sheriff. If a county has more than 1 Under-Sheriff, they will decide their vote as 1 vote on any and all issues. In Kansas there are 105 counties. This is 105 Sheriff's and at least 105 Under-Sheriff's. This is 210 votes. Each State has counties. Each county has a Sheriff and at least 1 Under-Sheriff. All these Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's will be allowed to vote or abstain from voting on any and all "Not-For-Profit Organization" issues/matters. They would own Auto Part Stores. These would be used for "Motor Pool Parts for Governmental Fleet Equipment. The revenue will be held in the General Fund with the other businesses. They will own grocery stores, restaurants, launder mats, nursing homes etc:. Any and all revenues will be placed in the "Gweneral Fund Account". All the Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's as described will get 1 vote each in deciding the use of the revenue. There are specific lists of elligible things on the Not-For-Profit list with the I.R.S.. The only one that might be a conflict is, "Religion". Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's are required to function under, "Seperation of Church and State". The way I feel they can give equally and fair within the Law is, "They would give a blanket Grant Check to a bank and ask that bank to notify all Churches/Religions in that banks county in that banks State. Any Church/Religion who can declare, "Seperation of Church and State" that is recognized by the I.R.S. will then be elligible to communicate with the bank and decide the division of the Grant Check. The Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's will randomly choose banks and will allways choose a different County and State each time. They will not function in the "Not-For-Profit" businesses to soley function for religion. They will mainly function for "Governmental Function". They will function as a "Seperate Merger Collectivety" and answer too themselves only. They will decide what if any of their businesses will be in which State and County in those States. This gives them National buying power. This gives them an avenue for National Communication. This gives them an additional route to communicate with eachother Nationally. I have designed "State of the Art" buildings that can be used as jails and government buildings. I have concepted inventions, recipes, and have many businesses ideas. I would be happy to work for all these 50 State's, Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's. If they fix my disability I would get a double increase and be happy with that as an income. I could then volunteer and consult them all. I do not want to disclose all my ideas here because people steal them and they abuse the ideas and screw over the population for personal use. The Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's in this also would be able to "POLICE" eachother and remvoe corruption as found. They would be able to remove dirty Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's and remove corruption as it is revealed. They would be able to express their views to the citizens and the citzens would have an educated view when voting and making decisions about their communities. This is a "Checks and Balance" within a Democracy. These Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's can expose, lobby and fix the damage that corruption has caused. They can remove Terrorism and Corruption. They can restore a Democracy. I will be forwarding this Post via e-mail as always. People will get on here and try to sabatoge my view's. They will refuse to reveal their names and identity. For every penny that is ""Properly"" used by these Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's, we the citizens will benefit by not being screwed by Legislation when they STEAL our local resources because they mis-manage our taxes!!! Take 105 Sheriff's in Kansas times 50 States. Take 105 Under-Sheriff's in Kansas times all 50 States. That is an average of ""5250"" Sheriff's and ""5250"" Under-Sheriff's!!!! Collectively, that is 10,500 votes on any and all issues within the "Not-For-Profit" and its "Fundraiser Busineeses/functions". 10,500 votes for you, instead of a handful of votes, against you! So to all Sheriff's and Under-Sheriff's, hire me, I am available!! Herbert West 3rd, west.herb@yahoo.com HerbertIII at www.twitter.com


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