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5/23/2009 11:43:44
by hlw3rd

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Updates to Pizza over Human Life. Herbert West 3rd, Concerned Citizen.

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What has been figured out thus far. 1. Miami County EMS is allowed to break the Compact Agreement with Osawatomie and park in Paola 7 days a week increasing the responce time into Osawatomie when an Ambulance is needed. Yea, Osawatomie has to wait 5 minutes longer for an Ambulance. Marsha Adams refused to address this. She is on the school board in Osawatomie. Why? She sells Insurance there. I will explain that in a minute. Dr. Dorsett refused also. For the same reason. THe City Counsel refused to address this because, "they want Brownback to make Governor and I was an Exploratory Campaign Candidate at the time and he needed the credibility instead of me, so they would not look into the matter". Osawatimie PD refused to look into the matter. County Adminstrator Shane Krull refused and bad-mouthed me because I exposed corruption at the EMS. The Miami County Republic also refused to look into the responce time breech. In this, they are all stating, "a piece of pizza is more important than an Osawatomie life". This sucks!! Chief Jenkins, with the EMS, states, "if the stage in Paola it increase their responce time by 5 minutes". Yea for those in Paola. It takes 5 minutes longer to get into Osawatomie. Theya re not on calls that put the Ambulance North of the station. They are eating pizza. Pizza is more valuable than Osawatomie human lives in these idiots eyes! Why did Adams and Dr. Dorsett refuse to look into this? Money!!! Marsha sells Insurance. The higher the risk rate the more she charges for monthly premiums. She gets a commission from these monthly premiums. The risk rate for an Auto Polict is the same risk rate for Health Policy. In this the Hospital can raise its fee's. Dr. Dorsett is with the Miami County Hospital as an Associates of Family Care Doctor. He gets paid to endanger you. You pay him to endanger and kill your family. The EMS charges double for EMS runs now-adays. 1/2 the miles on the Ambulances are for personal use. Ambulances are supposed to be for patient care and transport only. They charge double to make up for the time they use the Ambulance for personal use. This raises the risk rate for Insurance Premiums again. The kicker, A.I.G. is the Under-Writer for the Insurance Companies. We just paid them to kill us. Demand your rights. File on your City Counsel, file complaints on the County Commissioners, Picket the Offices and the EMS. File concerns with the Johnson County Sheriff. He is getting ready to take over dispatch services in Miami County. File complaints on your local PD. Remember what they are doing and "DO NOT RE-ELECT THEM"!! Boycott the Miami County papers. The Osawatomie Graphic states, "they need permission from the Miami County Republic to publish article or opinions, in the Osawatomie paper". They all want me to bash them for being Republican because the majority of the Voters in Miami County are Republican. They don't see you as Republican's! They see you as less worthy than a slice of pizza. Please remember that when you look at the corruption. Are you wanting Murders and Terrorist's to reflect the Integrity of the Miami County Republican Party??? God I hope not!!!!!!!!! Commissioner Stiles is related to Osawatomie Chief Stiles, how? Springhill and Northern Miami County are getting beafed up as well as Northern Paola. Is this for Johnson County?? Johnson County, Louisburg and Paola just stole $30,000,000.00 for the Water, C.U.P. and they are still choking off Southern Miami County. Also, Commissioners, Wise, Wobker and Stiles are up for Re-Election. I am pretty sure on a 2 year term, they run for Re-Election everyother year. They did not run last year. Herbert West 3rd, HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com


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