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5/26/2009 13:34:39
by hlw3rd

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Post Memorial Day thought's. Herbert West 3rd.

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What have the American Soldiers in Iraq died for? Lie's and Domestic Terrorism. Basically, they are over there instead of being here. Why? They would stop the ILLEGAL activites here. Alot of the Soldiers are FBI, DEA, Police Officers, State Police, Highway Patrol/State Troopers etc:.. The ones still here are short staffed and being choked off by Legislative Terrorist. They steal tax money and blame the WAR. They take Soldiers homes and blame the WAR. They deny the level of benefits that they promised and blame the WAR. Yea I have a personal stake in these complaints. I won the position of Sheriff in the 2008 election, yet Frank Kelly was declared the winner. How??? Terrorism!!! He excepted the nomination to be a committeman in the primary. By Kansas Law, a candidate can only appear on the ballot ""1"" time!! I was denied the right to run as a candidate for State Representative and State Senator do to this State Law because I was already a candidate on the ballot. Yet he recieved special treatment. I have been told, "he broke the Law but it has become the NORM". I keep seeing Laws broken and its the ""NORM"". Why do we hold elections? To launder money. To falsify a Democracy. To show a fake process to keep the Soldiers in Harms Way!!! Miami County Kansas has stolen and laundered $millions and Topeka has stolen and laundered $billions. Help the local Law Enforcement by exposing corruption when you see it. Refuse to except the "ILLEGAL NORM"! Be able to look a Soldier in the eye and tell them you tried and you truely are greatful for their Sacrifice and Dedcation. Remember them everyday!! I don't know why people keep saying, "Politicians are dirty". Then they except them and refuse to belieave others when they expose circumstamces that validate your comment, "That politicans are dirty". They agree with you and expose your ideals and views of the stated corruption. Why back away when they help prove your feelings? Oh yea, people will use fake names and post lie's here to try to alter my views and alter your views of my comments. How have my actions killed Soldiers or stolen from you tax base? The people using fake names here are drug dealers, felon's and Terrorist. They want the Soldiers Killed. They promote the WAR. I don't!!!!!! Thanks, Herbert West 3rd. HerbertIII at www.twitter.com west.herb@yahoo.com


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