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5/27/2009 01:05:44
by hlw3rd

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MICOCitizen, Danny L. Smith, YOUR A FUCKIN FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dumbass!!!!!!!!! I recieved 3,569 votes and he recieved 10,773. He was not elligible to recieve votes, by Kansas Law, because he excepted the nomination for committeman out of the in the primary election. He appeared 2 times on the "Primary Ballot". That is ILLEGAL by Kansas Election Law's. I was told I was not allowed to be on the ballot for more than Sheriff. I was not allowed to run the State Representative or State Senate, do to I was already on the ballot as a Candidate for Sheriff. He recieved special treatment. That makes him ILLEGAL, you dumbass!!! Again, I am not gay nor is my landlord, Al. You keep referencing Belton. Kara was from Belton. You still a coward and not wanting to brag about your drug dealing and baby grabbing? So Danny L. Smith, you are a fuckin fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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