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5/27/2009 19:26:20
by dktsnana

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OMG Herb you are lost in space

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First of all, would you please invest in a dictionary before you start ranting again? It is so frustrating to read your posts with all of your spelling errors! Seriously do you know what a dictionary even is?
And get over the fact that you didn't win the election dipstick. YOU LOST! YOU LOST BY A LOT!! I would venture to say that the ONLY people that voted for you were die hard Democrats that would have voted for Satan as long as he were a Democrat.
No one took you seriously in that election, on twitter, or here. You are nothing but a joke. Your rants are just as insane as I am sure you are. Response times to Osawatomie? You know the times they have are better then what it used to be as an all volunteer system! They have EMICT's now on the trucks not an EMT & someone that knows CPR which is how it used to be before the county took the service over.
Give it a rest, no one is going to take anything that you say serious.
Go away to what ever planet or rock you crawled out from under and leave the good people of Miami County alone. We have had all of you that we care to deal with.
No one cares if you read books about martial arts, I have read books about outer space but that isn't going to get me a job at NASA.
No one cares about your lunatic ideas of opening a not for profit diner, no one cares about anything you do. Hell Herb no one really cares if you are gay.
So take a hint, take a hike and go bye bye, no one will miss you.
You rant about things you really don't know much about. You might know a little bit about things but then you go off on some tangent and you just make everyone shake their heads and go, oh my he's at it again.
Herb you are really your own worst enemy. You rant about things you can't prove, things you really have no clue about and then you get upset when we call you on the carpet for them.
Get a grip dude, you are an idiot and you should really just cancel your internet service because it's not doing you any good!
I hope that you will go find someone or something to devote your time on and leave all of us alone.
And you have the audacity to say if I don't give you my name I am not credible. Hmmm let's see Leslie gave her name, her daughter Crystal gave her's and look what you TRIED to do to them? Are you kidding me, you are so out there if you think that anyone is seriously going to give their real name. Why so you can harrass them or call their employers and harrass them? Or so you can attemp to make up some lame story about what you think is right? Herb you are a loon and no one in their right mind would ever take anything you say serious.
Good grief Charlie Brown just stop it.


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