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6/1/2009 21:22:24
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Was The Eminem-Bruno "Incident" Real?

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If the 2009 MTV Movie Awards had an award for Most Outrageous Presenter, it would surely go to Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen), who surprised an unamused Eminem with a front-row view of his manhood.

When it was his turn to present the Golden Popcorn statue for Best Male Performance, Brüno, the gay Austrian fashion reporter (character), descended via wires from the rafters dressed as some sort of S&M angel — if an angel would be wearing over sized wings, a white gladiator's costume and a jockstrap — and introduced himself in German, "Ich bin Brüno." He then appeared to get caught up in his suspension wires, flipping upside down and writhing in apparent pain before asking to be lowered to the floor.

His request was quickly granted and he crashed to the ground — upside-down and directly on top of Eminem, wrapping his legs around the rapper's head, exposing his bare buttocks within inches of Em's face. "Eminem, nice to meet you," said Brüno.

Eminem, who had just returned to his seat after performing a medley of two tracks from his new album, Relapse, was not pleased. "Are you fucking serious? Yo get this motherfucker off of me man" he said, and demanding that his bodyguards get Brüno off of him.


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A minor melee ensued as Brüno continued to dangle above Em and Em's protectors tried in vain to remove a winged Brüno from their row of seats.

"Hey, don't touch me guys!" cried the Austrian. "I've already got a boyfriend. Hey guys, let's continue this in my hotel room!"

As Em left his seat, Brüno asked, "Is the real Slim Shady about to stand up?"

Stand up he did. He then proceeded to leave the auditorium as cameras followed his exit. (from Eric Ditzian. MTV)

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