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6/15/2009 20:47:53
by MICO Citizen

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just keep looking dumb dumb

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Well, it seems our fat bastard really wants to know who I am. He has been trying to get his mother to tell him who she has been speaking to. He said he is tired of me telling all about his homosexual lifestyle when he was a young fat bastard, how he wants me to stop tell people about Al's slum lord ways. He has even tried to call his daughter who, once again, said if he did not stop, she would have him arrested. Well, dumb dumb, I have told you. Answer all the questions and I will tell you who I am. But you have to answer why your faking your disease, how your stealing from the government, how your in no way looking into the Kopetsky case. Just some of the questions we would like for you to answer. Until then, I will continue to post about you. So have a dick sucking day and good night.


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