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6/28/2009 13:36:40
by paolaknowsme

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Are you still crying over my comment to you Herbert?

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How big of a coward are you anyway? I said you should be shot and you think I'm threatening you? Come on. How many times have you been on here threatening people? I haven't heard of anyone calling any police agency to have your big bloated ass thrown in jail. And do you really think that the FBI is so slow with catching terrorist, violent criminals and other serious criminals that they are going to look into a comment that you read. Get real. Besides, what happened to you not posting here for a month. You said this not even two weeks ago. You said you weren't posting for a month and all of the sudden, Al Massoth begins posting. Did you really think we wouldn't see through that. What ever happened to you moving out of Miami County. Just another lie huh fatboy. Stop your crying about what I said to you. Show us that you have some dignity. Show us you are some type of man. So just shut up!!!!!!!!!

Besides, I think you Al would miss you at night when someone does get you committed to OSH.


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