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9/3/2009 06:46:00
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Oh Frankie, it's only a matter of time!

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Which one of Frank's corrupted supporters is the next to get caught? Or will it be him next time? One of these days Frank won't have a "fall guy". For instance... What about the ex-deputy/reserve that got busted for the steroids? We all know he wasn't buying all those steroids for his own personal use. What do you think Frank? Frank's corruption dates back to the early 80's and has never stopped? The truth always come out. It might take some time and a few too many beers, or a deposition, or maybe one just wanting to clear their conscience, but eventually the truth gets told.

Below is a story posted in today's Paola paper. This story has hit the news nationwide beings how people all over the country have been scammed by these local losers and others. CBS News "The Early Show" even did a story about this scam. It seems a few locals and one's father (Harold Sevy) who is also part of the company, are at the center of this scam.

(FYI for all that don't know - Harold Sevy was Miami County Sheriff Frank Kelly's Treasurer in the last election.) What is it my grandmother always told me? Oh yeah... Bird's of a feather flock together! Right, Frankie?

--------------------------- Here's the article:

PHS grads linked to grant scam
Written by Brian McCauley
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 08:00
Two Paola High School graduates have been accused of using deceptive business practices to trick customers into paying for grants that don’t really exist.

Kansas Attorney General Steve Six, the Federal Trade Commission and the attorneys general of North Carolina and Minnesota have filed suit in U.S. District Court against six companies and five individuals for using misleading tactics to convince consumers to pay for services that are supposed to help them obtain grant money, according to a news release from the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.

The lawsuit alleges that Affiliate Strategies Inc., Landmark Publishing Group, Grant Writers Institute, Answer Customers, Apex Holdings, all of Overland Park, Kan., and three individuals, Brett Blackman, Jordan Sevy and James Rulison, violated state and federal laws on deceptive business practices and telemarketing, according to the release. The defendants worked together through an interrelated network of companies to sell grant services to consumers through mass mailings and telemarketing calls.

Blackman and Sevy graduated from PHS in 2002. According to ASI’s Web site, Blackman is president of the company and Sevy is vice president of operations.
Sevy is the son of Paola native Harold Sevy, who works at W.H. Debrick Company and has been involved in the community by serving on the board of directors at Lakemary Center, being president of Miami County Christmas in October and serving as a reserve officer for the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, among other things. Harold is listed as chairman of the board and director of business development and treasury on ASI’s Web site.
According to Six’s news release, “The group first uses mailings that promise consumers a guaranteed $25,000 grant from the government to pitch a guide on how to obtain grant money. Consumers who get the mailing are instructed to call a telephone number where they hear a recorded pitch that alludes to the recent federal economic stimulus package and claims that, ‘Three hundred billion dollars of free government grant money is available right now to anyone who applies for it.’ At the end of the call, a live telemarketer urges consumers to buy the grant guide for $59 plus $10 shipping and handling.

“Six and the other plaintiffs contend that people who buy the guide then get follow-up pitches from the defendant companies using the names Grant Writers Institute and Grant Writers Research Network. The follow up pitches offer grant research services that typically cost $995. Consumers are told that the groups’ grant researchers have a ‘70-percent success rate in receiving grant funding’ for customers. Consumers who pay the additional fee do not obtain a grant as promised but instead receive a list of grants, contests, loans and social welfare programs.

“The lawsuit alleges that consumers who pay for grant research services then receive yet another pitch, this time asking them to pay approximately $265 per page for grant writing services or approximately $1,000 for grant coaching services. Telemarketers who make the pitch promise that these grant writing and coaching services ‘have a 70 percent success rate, which is extremely high, but it’s not perfect, and it makes sense that some people go for 3 or 4 grants.’ Consumers who opt to apply for multiple grants have to pay even more in fees.”

The alleged scam is one of many that have sprung up in the struggling economy.

“During this time of economic uncertainty, grant scams are taking advantage of people’s hope for financial assistance and scamming them out of hard-earned money,” Six said in the release. “There is no such thing as a guaranteed grant. But to consumers in financial trouble, the chance for extra income can unfortunately be a huge draw.”

Consumers who paid the companies have not won any grants or received any money. A federal judge has agreed to freeze the companies’ assets and order an immediate halt to the defendants’ illegal activities. Six, the FTC and the other state attorneys general are also asking the court to order a permanent ban on the defendants’ unlawful grant scheme, force them to give up any profits obtained illegally and award refunds to consumers and civil penalties to the states.
“Scammers like these are using the bad economy to try to get rich at your expense,” Six said. “Beware of anyone who promises to help you win a grant if you pay them first.”


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