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1/23/2010 00:55:21
by hlw3rd

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2 people were arrested for killing Angela Stewart Cott. They arrested her husband James W. Cott and his buddy, Alexis Leza. Your a fucking idiot. Check out the story at FOX4 News. Remember when Dennis Raders daughter had her lab work done for her Cancer screening. It was put through the N.C.I.C. Interpole D.N.A. Data Base as a routine Legal Procedure. They use the N.C.I.C. Interpole Data Base File system to Accredit its quality of use and prior files and it also Accredits the Hospitals Lab System by comparing the 2 samples. Her dad was not a suspect, nor was she until it flagged poitive, asswipe. Every D.N.A. sample taken on any and all people are put through the D.N.A. N.C.I.C. Interpole Data Base files. This is a way they catch criminals, asswipe. And, the F.B.I. and the K.B.I. have complete lists, of investigations, arrests, guitly and not-guilty, Dumbass!!!!!!!! But you already knew that. You post on here so people will think you are not an insider with information and knowledge of the system. You have been revealed, asswipe!!!!!!!!!!!


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