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5/22/2010 17:06:19
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Who to contact?

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People in Paola, KS need to speak-up and demand a positive change for THEIR police department! Stop hiring officers with a history of getting fired from another dept or with a history of disciplinary action! Look at Gettino and Fisher, hired because they write tickets all day and generate a lot of funds for Paola. So what? There's more to being a cop than writing tickets! If you were a cop and got shot would you want Fisher to come help you? It doesn't matter if you answered yes, she wouldn't respond to help you! That's why Overland Park PD fired her! There are lots of good cops around, hire them! Paola used to be the top law enforcement agency in the county, WHAT HAPPENED? Now I hear it's Osawatomie! Can you believe that? Yes, I heard it's Osawatomie! That's a definate sign there's a deep problem within Paola PD!

Copied from Paola's website:

The Paola City Council consists of 4 members who are elected from each of the four City Wards and serve two year terms. Odd numbered Wards elect their Council Members in odd numbered years and even numbered wards elect their Council Members in even numbered years. The Mayor is elected from the city at large and likewise serves for a two year term. The Mayor is elected in even numbered years.

Mayor Artie Stuteville
Council Member Ward 1 Jim Pritchard
Council Member Ward 2 Gee Gee Wilhoite
Council Member Ward 3 Jack Rowlett
Council Member Ward 4 - Mark Minden



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