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5/22/2010 21:38:45
by mico deputy

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I'm Surprised he wasn't a Supervisor

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Like I said, Smail has a wonderfull history of promoting people with questionable ethics and morals. He currently has a seargent that has stalked his ex-girlfriend and has been known to drive Under the influence of alcohol. Why hasn't he been busted, because he is close friends with the Lt. Fisher was a supervisor, but told people she had cancer which was later a lie. she later went nuts and they to look for her because she was suicidal.
Then they had a seargent who hit on every girl in the city. They had to change his city cell phone number because he gave it out to everyone. So I am Surprised that Gettino wasn't a supervisor yet. The city councel needs to see why and how these people were promoted and why they have such a high turn over. The department was a very good department but know is a laughing stock. They are now required to meet a ticket quota in order to obtain a raise at the end of the year. I have told my friends and family if they are stopped, to bring this little bit of info up if they are given a ticket. But with Fisher and now Gettino, who will be their best ticket writer. Way to go Smail, who will be promoted next?


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