Quantcast WeN2K.com/The General Stanley McChrystal Rolling Stone Interview!<br>(Do YOU Think President Obama Did The Right Thing?)<br>(Video Included!)

6/24/2010 20:10:44
by WeN2K News

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The General Stanley McChrystal Rolling Stone Interview!
(Do YOU Think President Obama Did The Right Thing?)
(Video Included!)

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Posted here is the yet to be released Rolling Stone Interview that cost General Stanley McChrystal his post! Not since General George S. Patton and, later, Douglas MacArthur has a general of McChrystal's stature so detrimentally "put his foot in his mouth"

We have attained this interview from a proud and successful military person who has served their country in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This individual has verified that some military personnel (even high-ranking) agree that General McChrystal's resignation and President Obama's allowing and accepting it was the right thing to do. But many people, both in the military and civilian world, feel that McChrystal's resignation may have been out of line and a potentially detrimental mistake with regards to a/ANY successful outcome with the Afghani war!

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Do YOU Think President Obama Did The Right Thing?

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