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8/15/2011 13:16:59
by Herbert

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Who knew????????????

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I am aware that Deputy Ward viewed Gettino in a different light than others. i am also aware that he no longer supports Gettino. How many people knew Gettino was dirty and dod not come forward? Lets see,

1. Mayor Artie Stuteville, I told her Gettino was sleeping with High School Girls in the Patrol Car in my landlords field and she looked the other way.

2. Paola Police Chief Smail, Gettino was writing ilegal tickets, harrasing women and lacking on the job. I had told him also, that Gettino was using his patrol car as a bedroom.

3. Paola City Clerk Dan Droste, he looked the other way when peole called in complaints.

4. City Manager Weiland, looked the otherway when people called in complaints.

5. Sheriff Frank "Dumbass" Kelly, refused to investigate when complaints were filed. Gettino was on a County Jurisdiction Field when he did the High School girls.

Yet everyone wants to blame, "ONE", Deputy for Gettino's actions. Alot of people find that their neighbors and co-workers turn out to be assholes. It happens everyday. I don't feel it is fair to feel that Deputy Ward knew Gettino was out of control. No one else came forward. Blame yourselves equally.


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