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12/16/2011 13:35:10
by Herbert

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NPG edorses propaganda and slander.

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I am tired of Brian McCauley being allowed to commit Defamation of Character and Slander/Libel. I introduced myself as a Candidate for Sheriff and he refuses to acknowledge this. He prints what he feels like. He lies and his boss, Sandy Nelson thinks this is a joke! Whenever anyone wants information about anyone else we have to pay $3.00 and depending on the request, we have to fill out a release. Some of the reports we get will have black lines through some of the information on the reports. The Miami County Republic, The Osawatomie Graphic and the Louisburg Hearld get these free! That is a loss of revenue into the County. If 10 reports are given free a week times 52 weeks the County looses, $4,680.00 a year!!! This has gone on for about three years. That is $14,040.00 in lost revenue. That is 520 reports a year released illegally without a written request. Yea, Sheriff Kelly has released 1,560 reports to the newspapers for free and has not collected any revenue. He is dating the 3 papers publisher, Sandy Nelson. I would call that "Prostitution", KSA 21-3512. I would call the Sheriff's Office and the Newspaper Offices on, "Pandering Prostitution". NPG is looking the otherway. Lets contact them and demand that Sandy Nelson be fired and that NPG be forced to pay the lost revenue! Again, Sheriff Kelly is a thief! I have provided some links. I will keep everyone updated.

Herbert West 3rd-R
Candidate for Miami County KS Sheriff 2012
21817 W. 351st
Paola Kansas 66071


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