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1/4/2012 22:46:36
by Herbert

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Why do people have to pay you $3,700 to help a teenager who has a problem that can kill them? Are you a fucking Doctor? I see a person in a crashed car, I refuse to assist them until they find cash and then I will help them from the crashed car. I don't need to chase dying teenagers and sick people to make a quick cash buck. Your fucking sick! Bike runs are illegal in Kansas! Raffles are illegal in Kansas when you demand a fee! I am not afraid of your pussy biker ass! I could care less about your macho fagot bullshit ass! Your threats are shallow and weak! You act like you can walk around and find dead people and offer to say I care if they pay you $$$$$ thousands! Your a sick fuck!!!!!!!!!!! If I want to help someone, I am not going to demand cash first you sick fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff, 2012.


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