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1/6/2012 11:42:01
by Sick of you

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Herb you are pathetic

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Ok you don't like bikers, oh that hurts their feelings. Guess what bikers vote, bikers friends vote, bikers families vote. You just have take a pretty big hunk out of your "voters" dip stick.
You don't like poker runs, cops for tots, fundraisers, again why? I think Gemma said it well, probably because no one will do one for you!
Most "benefits" are done to help someone or some deserving organization out. I don't have a problem paying money knowing it will help someone. And obviously the article you read was incorrect, all monies collected at benefits go to the person/organization they are putting the ride on for.
Hope that make it clear for you dimwit.
Of course since you have never been to a fundraiser, oh because you obviously don't have a charitable bone in your body, you wouldn't know that. Guess that's why you have no fundraisers for your campaign.
Herb no one takes you serious, you fax stuff to different agencies & I am sure you are being put on some whack job list. You should seriously take a look at the crap you say, read it and then read it again because you are completely out there.
If there was ever a reason for someone to be put away you are it!
Poker runs illegal? I am not an attorney but as many of them that goes on I find that hard to believe.
So go find some small area of the world that doesn't know you yet & move. No one in Miami County Kansas takes you seriously, no one wants you for the garbage man, get a life.
Oh & just saying, I doubt that you have ever saved a life, worked on an ambulance or in a hospital. They all do criminal back ground checks & we know you can't pass that! And in an interview you would come across as the mentally unstable idiot that you are.
No one believes anything you say dumb dumb baby......deal with it.
Oh & I'll make sure to post all the poker runs/fundraisers up here so you can have something to bitch about.
so go ahead start your foul mouth cursing & trying to make yourself look smart. No one wants to elect a fool that can't spell, can't write & the only thing that consistantly comes out of their mouth are curse words....


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