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1/6/2012 13:18:21
by Herbert

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Fuck UP!!!!

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I don't hate all bikers! I have a few biker god fathers, asshole! I don't like troll cowards who ride bikes and give bikers a bad name. As I posted earlier, Dennis Wilson allows illegal gambling in Kansas as the new appointed Lottery Director. Sheriff Kelly allows illegal gambling because he excepts bribes. Again, anyone who profits from sick people are total Fuck UP's!!!!! I am pretty sure Gemma is Francine at Casey's General Store in Paola. How, I told her where the White Camaro for sale advertised in her store and mentioned the family raises goats. I had not told anyone else. Go figure. Oh yea! Her confident enough in your opinion, that you refuse to use your name! See ya, you Fucking Coward!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbert West 3rd


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