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1/6/2012 21:40:21
by Sick of you

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HERB you are too stupid to be alive

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Honestly do you have a vent to keep you alive? I think you are too stupid to breathe! Seriously you say you have God fathers that are bikers, I bet they don't claim you so I would rethink that statement dumb dumb baby.
You just don't get it, we don't do anything to get money for anyone but the recepient of the ride. Nothing is kept out, all proceeds go directly to that person. It is done out of compassion and caring, again something you know absolutely NOTHING about!
Bikers are probably the biggest hearted group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of being around. They stand tall against the Phelps & the band of idiots that surround them and they come together when there is someone down & out needing a hand up. We put together benefits for people with cancer, that have been in car wrecks, had strokes, lost a loved one & have bills they can't pay, you name it we'll be there to help. We don't even have to know them. It's called paying it forward dumb dumb baby. Again, nothing you have probably ever considered.
I would say that out of all the rides I have been on I have only known a few of the people.
We come together for Cops for Tots to bring toys for children that without us would have no Christmas. And you are going to stand there in all of your glory & tell me we are wrong?
You are an idiot if that is what you are doing.
Herb you can't win the battle much less the war so why don't you just give up? Why don't you go find something to support that has a little worth? Go volunteer at a local animal shelter cleaning cages, walking homeless animals. Go to the nursing homes & read a book or a chapter in the Bible to someone that can't see.
Go make something of your useless life, then maybe, just maybe someone might actually listen to you.
But the way you spout off obscenities like a freaking volcano & always try to slander people, well you have no credibility at all. No one feels sorry for you, no one beleives you or believes in you. That has to be a pretty bad feeling. I cannot imagine being so low that no one was behind me and everyone was against me. How does that feel dumb dumb baby? Pretty depressing I would imagine.


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