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2/15/2012 03:54:03
by Mike Hunt

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Your evidence?

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I agree with MICO Citizen and Judge Harth and Officer Jenkins that sign with a big red cross through a left facing arrow says no left turn. I think for once you proved why your on disability. If you get evicted from your craptastic trailer I am sure Lake Mary has a bed open for you (I doubt though they got one that is big enough for your fat ass to fit in though so they might need to push 3 or 4 together to accommodate) If your too stupid to be able to read a damn street sign why do you think we all think you could be intelligent enough to read a police report let alone type one out. After all grammar is not your strong suit and a really important case could be thrown out due to gross negligence of grammar in a booking report. It could come down to something like I helped My Uncle jack off a horse instead of I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse. But I think I finally figured out why you want to be Sheriff. You think those in important positions get access to little kids asses in this county and get away with it. So if you were Sheriff you could have all your pedophile dreams come true after you were damn near caught red handed (no pun intended) RAPING your daughter in Coffieville. If you were the Grand Pubah of MICO you could get all the ass you want from little kids? Well Herbert I hate to break it to you just because you could (theoretically) in your own delusional mind become sheriff doesn't mean you get free access to kids. I actually hope you become sheriff, I really do! That way your rants become huge legal issues that end you up in prison where you belong and you get treated like you did to your sweet innocent little girl. I have been involved in your life for much longer than you probably have any clue and at one point I would have gave up so much to defend you and had respect for you. Over the years you lost all that. When nobody else was on your side I was there for you but I learned (through your actions and your actions alone) what a truly despicable person you are. You should seriously start looking inward at yourself if you want answers with all this evil YOU see in your world after all to truly see it all YOU have to do is look in a mirror.


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