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2/25/2012 18:24:51
by Adolphus

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What The Elites Are REALLY Doing To control the world...Telling YOU It's "Nation Building"!! AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!

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This video is amazing because it reveals the truth behind our so-called wars and deposing "dictators". I bet you thought it was all about the poor, helpless people right? It has NEVER been about the people! It's about clandestine families like the Rothschilds owning half the world's wealth and making sure they ALWAYS do!! I bet you though the richest man on earth was Bill Gates or Slim Helu with $50 to $80 Billion dollars right? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! The Rothschilds are estimated to have a net worth, conservatively, of at least $1 TRILLION dollars...and more close to...wait for it...$500 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!

Pull your heads out of your asses people and start focusing on what's REALLY going on in this world! Start researching people like Lord Jacob De Rothschild, Evelyn De Rothschild and their entire WICKED family that has controlled the world's money and gold supply for nearly 300 years now!! EVERYBODY is that family's puppet...all the way down to our president!!! Yeah...he's one of the LEAST powerful in world affairs! And you thought he was the most powerful man in the world!? Ha! That ruse ended when Kennedy caught some metal to the head! Obama's a colorful (heh heh) puppet! But since he's relatively close in relation to the Bush's...one of the premier bloodline families of the world (how do you think a dumbass like George Jr. became president???) he and his family will be protected.

The NEW World Order...Novus Ordo Mundi...is REAL!!!!! And you and your kids and family ARE NOT invited!!!!!


Oh and here's another tidbit of knowledge for you. Who do you think was HEAD of security when the twin towers were struck and destroyed on 9/11?? This is a dooszy and NO ONE talks about it!? MARVIN BUSH!!! Yes, brother of then president George Bush Jr....son of former president George Bush Sr.!! You think all of this is COINCIDENCE!!!? You think it's not ALL connected? Why did GW look so nervous when they whispered in his ear in front of the classroom of kindergartners that America was under attack? Because he din't believe that his daddy and the power elites could pull it off without exposing him in the process!! Well guess what! THEY DID IT!!! They fooled you yet again!

They do everything right in our faces because they COUNT on us being idiots!

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