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4/12/2012 14:59:36
by MICO Citizen

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Why we should vot Herbert

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This year, we need a sheriff with a proven track record in getting things done. No, not doing little girls in cemetaries, getting Lousiburg PD to allow his son to keep his job or allowing his burglar son to prey on the citizens of Miami County.

No, We are talking about Herbert (the pervert goat fucker) West. Oh yea sorry, "The 3rd"

He has a proven track record of locating people when he sets his sights on them. For example, uh...well.. I have no examples now, but he has vowed to find Kara Kopetski and George Zimmerman. He has also vowed to find the third man on the grassy knolle, Big Foot, The lockness Monster and the ever elusive Waldo. He has said he is placing them "On Review" which shoud instill fear in these subjects.

Miami County deserves a sheriff who will use their tax dollars wisely.

Vote Herbert. It's not like the current sheriff is doing any better.

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