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5/29/2006 21:40:45
by sifu

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Do You Know Who The #1 Predator Is?

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Unfortunately we live in a society where,
robberies, abductions, rape, murder, and more
are always a possibility. For this reason I
present to you the "The Awareness Formula"
(Awareness & Assault Evasion Manual). One of
the most effective attributes of this manual is the
illustration of the formula, once you see these
images and read the formula your awareness
level will reach new heights. This manual will
not only increase your awareness but will also
provide you with valuable/practical techniques
that you can use if ever attacked. To purchase T.A.F. Click here


The Awareness Formula(Awareness & Assault
Evasion Manual): An original formula for
awareness guaranteed to increase your level of
awareness. Ideal for everyone, especially
women, children, and Law Enforcement. Some
of the many topics include,


Parking lot safety



Exiting your home

Entering your home

Preparing for bed

Sexual Predators

The "Assault Evasion Grid which outlines"
how to incapacitate assailants swiftly etc.
The Awareness Formula is yours for only


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