6/28/2006 15:59:22
by lacreolequeen

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Gain experience and be a part of history in a premier launching of WeNeed2Know.Com!

WeN2K.Com and its extensive family of ".com" names and services is truly revolutionary! WeN2K.Com is a website that allows users unprecedented power in the world of advertising, entertainment, specialized information dissemination and collection . . . all the way up to residual, lifetime income from services never before offered online! It is our goal to become the “Hottest Spot Online"!

We are looking for Graphic Design Interns to provide visual solutions to communicate specific messages. You must exhibit a strong sense of concept creativity as well as developing presentations, brochures, advertisements, logos website and other multimedia material. HTML - Web Page Design & Programming skills are also key.

You must have solid knowledge of the Internet (the latest graphic design software IS VERY HELPFUL), Browser optimization, Etc.

You must be Highly Self-Motivated, Creative, Mature and Responsible. We offer very flexible working hours & working locations. You will be working on real projects and learning serious nuts & bolts Internet-related technology, programming & administration...as well as marketing/business experience.

This is a serious DESIGN position for people who want to learn and be involved in high-profile Internet projects. You will be exposed to all technical aspects and be given the opportunity to contribute your CREATIVE input in all areas. This is an AWESOME opportunity for experience, exposure in the field and a building tool for your career path. This is not a paid internship, however we do have in-house opportunities that will allow you to earn up to $15+/hour..potentially higher.

Please send your resumes/questions to: info@eblogger1.com or call 678-438-8920.

NOTE: Students MUST have access to PHOTOSHOP, access to a flat bed Scanner (High Pixel Resolution) and a Digital Camera is also needed.


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