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7/3/2006 11:42:51
by TJX_Inc

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TJX Inc. ~ FULL ACCOUNTING SERVICES for Your Business ~ Save $$$ Now!!!

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TJX Monthly Services A/P– Prepare computer cash disbursement checks Prepare transaction reports and provide general ledger support A/R– Process deposits and credits Prepare and submit aging reports for your clientele to avoid late pay submissions. Perform Bank Reconciliation Process Payroll—Compute and prepare checks Prepare and process tax deposits Generate Financial Statements TJX Quarterly Services Analyze and review of quarterly financial results Prepare payroll tax returns Unemployment Withholding TJX Annual Services W2 and 1099’s W3/State reconciliations Personal property tax returns Federal/state corporate tax returns Payroll tax returns.

Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource Reduce and control operating costs Improve company focus Gain access to world-class capabilities Free internal resources for other purposes Resources are not available internally Accelerate reengineering benefits Function difficult to manage/out of control Make capital funds available Share risks Cash infusion Other Executive Survey The Outsourcing Institute's Annual Survey of Outsourcing End Users Motivation Behind Today's Outsourcing Decisions Accelerate reengineering benefits Access to world class capabilities Cash infusion Free resources for other purposes Function difficult to manage or out of control Improve company focus.

Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Bank Reconciliations Financial Statements Payroll Processing Taxes TJX can help. We are uniquely equipped to assist you with professional accounting services and solutions. TJX Experience TJX accounting professionals have Masters Degrees in the area of finance and accounting. We have worked with firms enabling them to realize a 33% decrease in back office expense. TJX professionals have more than 15 years in accounting experience in the areas of manufacturing, construction and government service. TJX Quality Assurance At startup TJX defines detailed business practices rules for accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and other processes. Our workflow process applies these practices to the approval process, ensuring that transactions are properly routed to check, double check, and triple check assuring accuracy and timeliness. TJX Working For You Instead of typical financial statements, we believe the real value for you comes from understanding revenue, costs and profits generated by individual products/services, offices, salespeople, departments, and customers. In addition to recording transactions, we tell you what the numbers mean. TJX will help interpret the significance of your financial statements and monitor the financial health of your business. TJX Right From the Beginning TJX utilizes our extensive experience and expertise, which is our core competency to recommend the best solutions for your specific business needs. We use current, state of the art, technology systems to process your information.

Factors in Vendor Selection Price Commitment to quality References/reputation Flexible contract terms Scope of resources Additional value-added capability Cultural match Existing relationship Location

TJX Customer Service TJX is committed to your success. We understand that our reputation stands on the quality of service we provide your company. "We look forward to exceeding your expectations".

TJX Inc. also allows individuals to earn Money (unlimited income!). $50 per business that signs an Accounting Service Contract to each individual that refers the business(es).


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