7/9/2006 08:56:49
by lacreolequeen

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I previously submitted this information about TIME MAGAZINE and now I see that it is happening at Value City. I saw a very anger customer who signed the "FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCIPTION" and the Manger said that they would have to contact TIME MAGAZINE. BEWARE! Below is an actual event that happened to me at MEDIA PLAY. DO NOT SIGN UP, UNLESS YOU WOULD LIKE TO PAY FOR A MAGAZINE SUBSCIPTION 6 MONTHS LATER.

I went to Media Play (which is no longer in business) to puchase a CD, Raul Midon. The cashier at the register offer me a six month free subscription to a list of magazines. My reply was "no". I was not interesed in any on the list, but she almost insisted . . .because is was free. So I reviewed the list again and decided to take TIME MAGAZINE.

Approximately six months later while review my online banking , I noticed a charge from TIME MAGAZINE. I tried to contact Media Play, however they were in the mist of removing the last of the hardware from the store. I spoke to a member of management and I told them my dilema. They told me that they where uncertain of how to contact the magazine and that they were only there to shut down the store. And he gave me a number to headquarters. They took no responsibility. The did not even have a number to reach TIME MAGAZINE. I contacted my bank and they gave me the phone number.

 These magazines make it almost impossible to cancel your subscription and turn you over to bill collectors if you don’t pay right away. The company automatically renews your subscription if you don’t contact the company, as well. The good news is that the Attorneys General from 23 states have gotten involved and now TIME MAGAZINE is paying refunds to people who got ripped off. Time didn’t admit it had done anything wrong, but the company is not doing automatic renewals anymore. In addition, the company must explain in detail how the subscription will work when people sign up.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: They got my debit card information from my purchase of the CD. I did not authorize TIME MAGAZINE to use my debit card.

Not to worry I did get a full refund!


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