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7/10/2006 14:24:59
by melho18us

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Alloy Wheel Repair and Refinishing by Mail $40-$300

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NU-RIM is a wheel repair and refinishing company dedicated to customer satisfaction. All work is performed by qualified professionals, and there is a lifetime guarantee on everything we do. We can handle all of your wheel repair needs. We can repair wheels with: Curb rash, Face damage, Clearcoat damage, Bends, Balancing, Truing, Custom colors, Powdercoating, and Chrome prep. We can not do chrome in house but can prepare a wheel to be chromed. We are also connected with a very well qualified plating facility. If you have any questions please e-mail Melho18us@yahoo.com or call Mel Hoover at 1-810-580-1826. It will help if you can send a picture for the estimate. but it is not required. Thank you for reaqding about my unique buisness, and have a curb free day.
Mel Hoover


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