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7/20/2006 23:15:26

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Welcome To Business Management Solutions
Designed to bring affordable, scalable, cost effective technical solutions to micro and small business Are you tired of the high cost of Pc support ? As a small or micro business cost is always and issue a pc support technician can run your business anywhere from $60-$120 per hour sometimes even more. At business management solutions we know and understand this problem and develop a technical solution for you business starting at $9.99 the solution is Direct Tek. Direct tek is a remote technical support solutions geared to give the soho business a competive edge over there competion directtek enables your office to have its own help desk department lowering downtime increasing productivity and helping you get the best out of your technology investment Cant figure out through all the techno babble what technical solution or solutions are best for you company? With all the software and hardware on the market today it becomes very difficult to make a choice as to what is most suited for you company. To compound this choice usually the only people who can answer your questions are the companies that will profit from the choice you make either by selling the solution or installing it. Our solution at B.M.S is our technopurchase program. How this solution works for you is simple we will look at you current situation and your company goals, you will tell us what your expectations are from the particular purchase you are willing to make and we will help you to determine what is truly needed versus what is perceived. This service has saved many of our clients thousands of dollars by preventing unneccesay purchases or incorrect ones.
How long would it take your company to overcome a computer systems crash? If you were using our DaVault backup solution your company could be up and running in as little as 2 hours. In the event of a total system crash we could get all of your critical data restored to your servers in as little as 2 hours. This is because our backup solution was designed from the restore feature forward a backup solution is essential but we have found that the tape or disk solution tend to have to major faults. 1) No one verifies the data to be sure the backup is actually backing up and all too often we find out at the worst time our back-up solution is faulty. 2) Micro companies usally cant afford a full time computer technician so once things are setup and running we assume all is well. Our solution is remote in nature so if you backup is not running correctly we will be able to determine it then contact you so if can be rectified before your need for the data becomes apparent Secrets of your computer technician revealed !!!!! Our free monthly newsletters contains all the things you computer technician doesnt want you to know (to continue charging you of course) as well as some of the newest, most cost effective methods in technology. Sign up now so you can start saving on your technical investments today and in addition for signing up we will send you a 10% coupon that you can redeem on the DirectTek or DaVault E-backup solution.


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