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9/4/2006 18:55:58
by Herbert

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President Bush is Immune???????????????????

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If, the New York Fire Fighters are having healthcare problems do to the fall out from 9/11 then how is President Bush Immune????? I know people are thinking I am going to state opinions that I can not prove or back up. I can!!! Senator Clinton was on the Presidents Health Reform for her husband President Clinton. She moved to New York and was scheduled to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11. She was a "No Show". she remains on the Congressional Healthcare Committee to this day. The Military and the New York Fire Fighters did not allow entry to anyone, do to fallout, other than those trained and ready to assist and do their job. Yet President Bush can enter within 24 hours and the rest of the workers and Fire Fighters are sick enough to file suit????? He knew when and where to stand. No President in the History of the U.S.A. has ever been allowed into a "Hot Zone". Even President Truman and other Presidents we have had, have never been allowed in "Harms Way"!! President Bush and Senator Clinton along with alot of DIRTY POLITICIANS have used false Anthrax Scares and False MEDIA/PR to move thru our Rights and Freedoms for their Personal Portfolio Profits. I feel the New York Firefighters and workers deserve everthing they need. They were attacked and sabatoged by the very SENATOR who is lieing to them at this very second. As Plato puts it " A Dictator will go to War for the sole reason of Falsely Jusifying the need for the Leadership of this Dictator". I hope that people will stand up for the fallen and falling. What has Senator Clinton done for New York??? Why did she chose New York to begin with????? See my other article at www.wen2k.com http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=808 I hope to hear from others and hope they give PRAISE, RESPECT and LOVE to the People and their families/friends of New York and beyond. Please vote properly this 2008 Election. I am 39 and think about running for the Presidency everyday. I have ideas and platforms that will work. Sad, is that Congress and the State Legislatures do not want it to happen. They enjoy trying to play "MASTER". I can do alot at the Private Sector Level. I only feel that the Government Level should not be left behind. Why???? Look in the mirror. You are the Government Sector who would be left behind. Please send my Love, Respect, and Gratitude to New York and their's. As a Disabled Paramedic I feel the loss. As a humanbeing I feel the loss. Unlike President Bush, "I AM NOT IMMUNE"!!!!!!!! I am """"""EFFECTED""""""!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Herbert Lynn West III Disabled Paramedic/Freelance Journalist/Opinionist. www.west.herb@yahoo.com , http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=808


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