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10/12/2006 11:16:38
by Herbert

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Vote for me!!!!!!!!

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I am gonig to hope and pray for your support for the Nov 2008 Presidential Vote. What is weird is that I do not want any Campaign Funds. Why is this???? I feel that the Government is us all. This is how:..
(1). If the Banks would allow us to invest $400.oo on a $1000.oo US Savings Bond and Charge us $10.oo per $100.oo we wopuld get $40.oo on every $1000.oo Bond. The kicker, If someone getts out early they pay $40.oo and the new person pays $400.oo and $40.oo in fees. The second $400.oo goes to the first person and the second person getts the Maturity Principal and Interest at 40%. The Bank gets a portion of the $40.oo fees and they get ^0% of the Principal and Interst at Maturity. To secure this, the bank doesn't tell us the US Bond #. We can noy touch the Interest or Principal. This puts Millions and Billions in 5 to 10 year 5% to 8% compounded Yeilds.
(2). People on Disability can pay $5.oo a month for a Mutual Checkcashing account. The Bank gets about $2.oo of this and $3.oo of the $5.oo a month is returned to Social Security. That is about 1million people a month X $3.oo going back to Social Security. $3 Million a Month X 12 Months. $36 Million a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right know the Check Cashing places charge 30% to 40% to cash a check. $300.oo to m$400.oo on a $1000.oo check. This is how Abscound'ers are getting their money. The place do not require ID or do they check your Fingerprints. You and I pay for this loss thru higher taxes and less interst on our money.
(3). I feel the VA and the VFW with the American Legion Halls should run the Hospitals, Nursing Homes and such.
(4). I feel the Abuse of our Government is a "Greater Terror Threat" to us than any Foriegn Country!!
(5). My fuel system Idea also reduce's the need for any fuel greatly. I do not have OPEC Stock!!!!! My fuel system is listed here in the www.wen2k.com articles.
(6). I will be setting up an office soon. I am at helpthegop.gop.com/ and west.herb@yahoo.com and amw.com as herbert546 and blogger.com as Kansas bite's.
Please consioder Voting for me in Nov 2008 as your next President. Until then insist on the Utilization of my Ideas and/or your own. I only want $1.oo on each $10.oo and $.50o 0n each $5.oo. This will be for the Office and my Campaign. I have a open door policy. Thanks again Herbert West III Presidential Candidate Hopeful.


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