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10/23/2006 22:35:25
by Mackey

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Microseconds, in Sandy Springs (Atlanta), GA, destroyed my computer!!

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I HAD a decent computer that I had originally had custom made by Microseconds - a used computer/custom computer/computer repair shop on Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs (Atlanta), Ga. They also have stores in Duluth, GA and Salem, NH...but my beef is with the only one I have dealt with...in Sandy Springs. I HAD been doing business with this store for many, many years. I should have wisened up when their employee turnover rate dramatically and quite apparently rose. The management changed many times as well.

At any rate - I took my computer in because it was acting an ass like most computers these days. I was having problems accessing the original drive that I had taken (the computer) in to be fixed just 4 or so months earlier. This problem was fixed (I thought), and I got a new (additional) drive installed to buttress this weaker one that was only 10 gigs...but contained extensive business and personal files. When I took the computer in again about a month and a half ago - I was finally told (after a week of waiting) that my original drive had "died"? What did Chucky get a hold of it?? I was like "what does that mean"?? They told me that it basically meant that ALL of my information on my original drive was lost!! They said that I could take it to companies used by the government to retrieve any data, but that would cost me thousands of dollars!! Needless to say - this is not an immediate option. I have neither the time or the money to take this route. SO...I was resolved to accepting that I had lost this data...knowing that I at least (did) have some of these files backed up on disc...and I had my related files on my second drive. OK - fine!

NOT FINE (as you will see)!!! I had spoken to the manager (M.G.) later in the same day I had learned I had lost the data on my first drive...and pleaded with him to do anything he could to retrieve my sensetive and important data. No, it wasn't sensetive government secrets, but it WAS very important business and personal information accumulated over many years (being that I had allot of it transfered from my previous computer...at this very same Microseconds no less!). The manager assured me that he would look into the matter and see what he could do. To make a long story short - I received a call from one of the flunkies at Microseconds and was told that not only did I lose my data on my first (original) drive, BUT ALSO ON THE SECOND ONE...THE ONE THEY HAD PUT IN NOT 4 MONTHS EARLIER!!! At this point I'm Charlie Brown...AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!! And then John McEnroe..."YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME"!!! He wasn't!

I should mention that I do know a thing or two about computers. I know that my second drive was fine when I took it in for repairs on the first drive. I was able to access it via "Safe mode". For those of you who don't know what this is...it is a diagnostic mode under which you can start your computer. After I asked to speak to the manager again...he concurred that my computer's memory had been completely lost. Chucky, Jason and Mike Myers got a hold of my computer and had a field day!! I was so pissed I didn't know what to do!! After expressing this to him for several seconds...expecting SOME compensatory acknowledgement or redress from their (Microseconds') end (which I feel was greatly warranted considering above points)...I told him that I was coming in "NOW" to get my computer. Though it was a Friday evening, and I was settled at home and knew I'd be fighting evenig rush hour Atlanta traffic...I immediately took off to pick up my computer from these clowns!

When I got to the shop I asked to see the manager. He was gone! I told the flunkee (who I had seen as a great guy a couple of weeks earlier when I originally brought my computer in) that I wanted my computer. He went to get it - and when he returned with it he also put a bill in front of me!! A BILL!? At that point my face dropped off! I said "you guys expect me to PAY you for destroying my computer"!?! He said that I had originally signed to have the computer "diagnosed". Don't try this at home kids...but I grabbed my computer and told him to "call the police"! I then left and have not heard from these guys since (two weeks now)!

I am not in the habit of doing things like this...and I am not in the habit of referring to people as "flunkees" or "clowns" without reason. But what I found out this weekend justifies my name calling - at least! I took my labotomized computer into a different computer store I had scouted out recently. I told them what happened at Microseconds and asked them to see if they could repair my computer. The upshot of the results was that YES...ALL my memory was gone...BUT both drives were not "dead"...only the second (newer) one had "died"!

The new store came to the obvious conclusion that my first drive had been "formatted"...or (simply put) errassed by some process initiated by some asscheek at Microseconds. This HAD to be the case since the drive WASN'T dead!!

What happened to the second drive you may be wondering?? Well friends...here is a lesson you may want to put in your pocket!! I was told that ONE thing basically kills drives! Heat. That's why we have those little fans blowing here and there in the back of our computers, sounding little bees!! Usually this is a harmonious arrangement...and all works wonderfully! But what Microseconds did...the freaking geniuses that they are...is stacked my two drives right on top of each other!!! A HEATING MACHINE!!! A catastrophee waiting to happen!! Why didn't these "experts" know this?? Why didn't they simply put the second drive in another available) port?? The technician (and I use this term respectfully) at the recent (current) shop I took my computer to showed me this himself! I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! ALL of the probelms with my computer were caused by two drives being stacked on top of each other. The "bad business" manifests in the "flunkies" not knowing, or not caring about their negligent practices...and the manager not admitting - or taking responsibility for what his flunkies had OBVIOUSLY done wrong!!

So...the lesson here is: buy a new computer with a warranty!! If you can't (like I know many people can't...or who eventually take their computers in for repairs)...at least make sure that any additional drives you purchase are NOT stacked on top of each other!! Really - you should just get one drive with extensive memory. I should also mention that I had originally (4 months ago with first repair) asked the twit at Microseconds why he didn't transfer the data on my smaller drive onto the bigger one he installed?? Less learned, more trusting person that I was these short months ago...I accepted whatever vague answer (that I, franly, don't remember) he gave me at that time. Bottom line is it was apparently easier for him to add a drive (INCORRECTLY!!!) instead of transferring the data to the newer, larger one!

If anyone has a similar situation they experienced at Microseconds PLEASE let me know on this site!




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