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10/31/2006 21:29:10
by Adolphus

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HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!! - Very Interesting ebook on Government Thought Control, UFOs and Alternate Energies!

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File: [987-2]Lyne - Occult Science Dictatorship - A Book About Alternate Science, Free Energy, UFOs and Government Thought Control (2002).pdf

While your kids are out celebrating a pagan holiday with absolutely no redeeming qualities (I'm sure many of you know Halloween's history)...other than "a bit of harmless fun and free candy"...here is a book that will really amaze you with its "revelations"!!

We REALLY need to question things in these days and times - and past events, concepts and ideologies are very much related to what is happening NOW!! Many, many people would rather simply not think about things at all! Most of us are simply too tired from working for the top 2% that we feel we don't have time to think! But not thinking, or ignoring a FACT or REALITY does not belittle that fact, make it go away or make it untrue or irrelevant!!

Are these the last days and times? I truly don't know, but people's actions, attitudes, behavior and "not giving a shit about anything" attitudes sure makes these times look like those described in Revelations as the final ones!

I like fun, dressing up, seeing a scary movie and eating candy...but what are we celebrating, condoning and espousing to this younger generation that doesn't blush? The older generations have sapped the moral character of the society so much that the only creatures on earth with the ability to blush (show embarrassment or "feelings" as blood rushes to the face)...LAUGH when one would expect them to show pity or humility!

I wish the younger generation "Good Luck" in a world where the elders keep up the bullshit, I mean "business as usual". A torch is being passed that was VERY bright in the early days of man and woman...but it seems to be growing dimmer and dimmer as we "evolve". Or is it simply that the "fire" has been made redundant by the artificial light?

You'll need Acrobat Reader to read this book...that I feel is very appropriate reading on THIS day! I'll post others soon!

God Bless Us ALL!!

AKA: whistleblower-X

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